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Our tile in Dwell: “The Shipping Muse”

Us modwallians were so excited to see Dwell share this awesome article today, The Shipping Muse, which shows us a home made of 4 large shipping containers.  Um…. for one, that alone is AWESOME.  And second, guess who’s mosaic tile is in their bathroom?

THIS GUY! (*Two thumbs pointing to self*)

Check check it, it’s one of modwalls® Brio® blends all over this stylin’ bathroom!  And you could create the same blend (or one you like even better) with our Brio® mosaic tile blending tool.

modwalls brio custom mosaic tile blend as seen in dwell magazine

The folks at Dwell even tweeted today, “Love the pixelated mosaic tile in the bathroom!”


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Tile, Fashion and LAX: Color-Blocking Is Worth Copying

Have you ever flown through LAX and notice the color blocked mosaic tile tunnel walls?

We made the super quick trip from SF to LA this past weekend (55 minute flight, baby), and it struck us how the 50 year old mosaic design is back at the height of fashion right now!

LAX mosaic tile from Apartment Therapy

LAX mosaic tile (from Apartment Therapy)

If you’ve had your eyes open, you’ve probably noticed color-blocking EVERYWHERE these last few seasons.

Color blocking fashion from Fashion INDIE

(Fom Fashion INDIE)

The LAX installation just reminded us of how freakin’ cool mosaic glass tile like our Brio® tile really is!

So classic, its literally been around for thousands of years, and yet its still fresh and modern, even 50 years after being installed.  Mosaic tile really is on-trend all of the time.  It’s très chic.

mosaic tile at LAX- like Brio mosaic tile

Love our Brio® mosaic tile but feel like color-blocking may be a bit too bold for your space?  You might want to try a solid-color mosaic for your first project.

This bathroom (which was featured in Dwell), has our Brio® 3/4″ mosaic tile in the color “Tarragon.”

modwalls Brio mosaic tile color tarragon green bath from dwell

modwalls® Brio® glass mosaic tile “Tarragon."

Or you can color-block using different mediums.  This kitchen features modwalls® Brio® 3/4″ “Clear Red” tile on the kitchen backsplash and its complimented by 2 colors of orange paint and dark cabinets.

color-blocking modwalls Brio glass mosaic tile Clear Red with orange paint

How would you color-block?  Color-block your clothes? Color-block your home?  What’s your take on this vibrant trend?

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Viva Verde! Our Lemongrass Tile Perks Up This NYC Kitchen

Do you know what makes an NYC kitchen sing?  Green glass tile like our Lush® 3×6 Lemongrass glass subway tile.

modwalls Lush 3x6 Lemongrass green glass subway tile

modwalls Lush 3x6 Lemongrass green glass subway tile kitchen

modwalls Lush 3x6 Lemongrass green glass subway tile kitchen in NYC


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Designer Spotlight: Playhouse Design Group

Playhouse Design Group logo

Holy moly, we are pumped about this Designer Spotlight! We’re talking crazy excited, doing a happy-dance, jump-kick-into-the-splits type of feeling.  And why, you ask?  Well, that would be because of the super sleek set of photos we received from ultra-cool Playhouse Design Group out of Seattle,Washington.  Scroll down and let your eyes feast on the majesty.  Warning: These delicious photos will stuff you with delight; you’ll need to walk it off afterward.

Homes by Playhouse Design Group.

Homes by Playhouse Design Group.

Modwalls Lush 1x1 Wasabi glass tile

Modwalls® Lush® 1x1 Wasabi tile on the kitchen backsplash installed with black grout; its a totally unexpected choice that ties in the countertop and bar perfectly.

You would think after being in the biz this long, and having already built a rockin’ tile gallery, that we might not have the same enthusiasm we used to for tile photos. Well, the truth is that even if we are a little jaded at times, this work is entirely different. Playhouse Design Group has created original, inspiring spaces executed with the highest-quality craftsmanship.  The finished product is gorgeous, genuinely unique and has left us completely awestruck.

Modwalls Lush 1/2x2 Big Sur glass tile blend kitchen by playhouse design group

Modwalls® Lush® 1/2x2 Big Sur glass tile blend.

Quinn Borseno is the visionary who started Playhouse Design Group and he says it’s his background in art and experience in “Mystical Thinking,” (daydreaming), that inspires his work.  He obviously dreams big and he dreams bold!

playhouse design group outside view

kitchen with modwalls ModDotz porcelain penny rounds

A Playhouse Design Group kitchen with modwalls® ModDotz™ porcelain penny rounds.

Daring design means a little bit of risk-taking, and that’s something we’re seeing less and less of these days. That’s why we think Playhouse Design Group deserves a grand tip-of-the-hat for building spaces that they love; environments that are unexpected and vibrant. This is design from the heart, design they truly believe in. And we can relate, because that’s exactly how modwalls® operates.  We create tile that we love just like Playhouse Design Group creates homes that they love.  We’re on the same wavelength here, people.

Quinn said it himself, “I was so excited when I saw a modwalls® ad in a magazine, I was like, ‘No way! Someone finally gets it!’”

modwalls Brio clear red glass tile

We are crazy about this backsplash with our Brio® Clear Red glass tile. This is how color blocking should be done.

Quinn’s point of view is, “The real design originates inside of you. Whether you are a design scientist and it begins in the laboratory of your mind or you are a design poet and it starts in the red velvet drafting room of your heart, it must come from within.”

Yep, we agree, Quinn is definitely the poetic type.

And the spaces he creates… they’re elegant, harmonious, tasteful… and equally poetic.

modwalls “Milk” 2x8 white ceramic subway tile

modwalls “Milk” 2x8 white ceramic subway tile

modwalls “Milk” 2x8 white ceramic subway tile

Again using grout in a somewhat unusual way; dark grout with Clayhaus for modwalls® “Milk” 2x8 white ceramic subway tile makes things a little more interesting.

So what does Quinn want you to know about this radical team?  His exact words: “For a Good Time Call: Playhouse Design Group!”

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Super Cool Commercial Tile Installations

You know, we didn’t realize how many of our customers have used our tile for their commercial projects… Take a look-see!

Modrocks™ rock it:

Kelly Rippa for Electrolux in front of our ModRocks Recycled Glass Pebbles.

Luxurious Lush® tiles can be used in so many different applications:

Lush 1x2 Carmelita blend on the face of the bar at the Glen Oaks Big Sur lodge.

Some rooms at the Glen Oaks Big Sur feature custom fireplaces with modwalls Henry Road Butterfly accent tiles and Brio 3/4" tile.

modwalls Lush Big Sur blend on a restaurant fireplace surround.

This rad lulu lemon store front uses 5 shades of modwalls Lush 3x6 subway tiles.

A lulu lemon store water feature with modwalls Lush 3x6 Butter subway tile.

A lulu lemon store water feature with modwalls Lush 1x2 Cloud and ModDotz Marshmallow penny tiles.

Super cool custom yogurt shop blend.

Lush 1×4 Cloud used in the Ikea in Sunrise, FL.

modwalls Lush Santa Monica tile blend.

This Planet Fitness created its own custom tile blends with our Lush 3x6 subway tiles.

modwalls Lush 1x4 Breeze tile used at a "clean bar" created for an event for Sunset Magazine.

ModDotz™ looking magical in many settings:

Marshmallow ModDotz



Some of our other Dot tile options; sustainable CorkDotz™ and custom tiles made from real pennies.

A CorkDotz backsplash.

Another lulu lemon water feature, this time with CorkDotz and orange ModDotz.

modwalls real penny tiles were used in the entry way of the Cannery Row Brewing Company in Monterey, CA.

Classic Brio® 3/4″ mosaic tile is extremely versatile; great for any application:

A custom Brio blend at Number Nine restaurant in Long Beach, CA.

Candy Craze was revamped with a Brio custom blend.

Tile collages by school kids created with Brio tile.


Yep, that many!  Guess we have been kinda busy lately…

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Hanging out with Katie Brown

We’ve had so many exciting things going on this summer… It’s been a whirlwind and a blast already!

In just the last few weeks we attended the rockin trade show Dwell On Design, got together a ton of our sustainable tile and Starglass grout which we donated to the Ecofabulous Modern Living Showhouse, and we debuted our Rex Ray for modwalls and Clayhaus for modwalls tile collections… so we’re just now getting the chance to mention modwalls’ Sarah’s fabulous trip to the Hamptons a few weeks back to talk tile with cook, nest, grow diva Katie Brown!

Katie Brown (yep, that Katie Brown, of kb workshop),  invited us to her gorgeous beach cottage in Amagansett, NY to film a little chat about tile for her upcoming PBS TV show.  It was such a cool experience and she is absolutely the sweetest woman ever!

A year or so ago we donated a whole bunch of tile to Katie for her beach house.  We usually don’t get to see the finished product when our tile is used, but this time we got to check out the remodel and the end result was BEAUTIFUL! Pix to come soon, and here are the tiles she used:

Our Lush 3×6 Reef subway tile was installed straight joint on the kitchen backsplash:

Our Lush 3×6 Driftwood subway tile looked STUNNING in the shower of the master bathroom.

The bathroom floors featured our ModRocks natural pebbles, including ModRocks Belize:

And her daughter’s bathroom had our ModDotz porcelain penny tiles!

The whole experience was SO MUCH FUN!

We can’t wait to share the video after it debuts on PBS this Fall!

Katie Brown and modwalls' Sarah talk tile in the kitchen, (notice our Lush 3x6 Reef subway tile on the backsplash?!)


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Snapshot from Dwell On Design

We had an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING time at Dwell On Design this last week!  It exceeded our expectations and more- so much fabulousness!

Here are some snapshots of booth & friends… more to come soon!

modwalls Dwell on Design booth

Our booth... Ta-da!

We were there to debut our two new tile lines: Rex Ray Studio for modwalls and Clayhaus for modwalls.

You can see our Orange MOD Rex Ray Studio tile on the back of the credenza on the right and the Black TYPE and White TYPE tiles are on display under the image in the center of our display.

Rex Ray Studio for modwalls tile

Rex Ray Studio for modwalls Lush 4x12 tiles

Modwalls owner David Bousfield loved the custom credenza featuring our Orange MOD tile made my Semi Handmade (who also attended the show).

david with handmade rex ray

We also got a visit from Tim of Rex Ray Studio, which was awesome!

tim from rex ray

The photo is a little blurry, but that's him in front of the White TYPE & Black TYPE tile installation!

Our Clayhaus for modwalls tile shined at the show.  You can see our 2″x8″ subway tiles and “Plus” ceramic tile designs on the left side of our trade show booth.

Clayhaus for modwalls

Assorted tiles from the Clayhaus for modwalls collection.

We got a visit from the Clayhaus folks as well!

Clayhaus crew

Megan & Jason Coleman of Clayhaus Tile

We even had some of our MVP customers stop in!  Here’s Brian and Michelle from BY DESIGN in Maui, Hawaii.


So all in all, it was a completely awesome event!


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