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Modwalls Tile in Katie Brown’s Gorgeous Amagansett Home – Final Edition!

Today we’re rolling out the last set of photos we have from Katie Brown’s lovely little Amagansett gem of a home. This place is SO CUTE!

When it came time to renovate & revamp her Hamptons residence, Katie choose to use modwalls® tile for every bathroom and her kitchen… sweet!

We first shared her seriously beautiful master bathroom, which features our Lush® 3×6 Driftwood glass subway tile (check out all of the photos on our previous post here).

modwalls Driftwood subway tile in Katie Brown's master bathroom

Next we shared her daughter Meredith’s crisp, cool and clean white bathroom that is decked out in modwalls® classic Lush®  3×6 Cloud white glass subway tile (view our post by clicking here).

modwalls Lush 3x6 Cloud glass subway tile

Our third post about Katie’s home showed you her daughter Prentiss’s super cool bathroom with a stunning shower covered in modwalls® Lush® 1×2 Surf mini subway glass tile.

modwalls Lush 1x2 Surf tile in Prentiss's bathroom

How awesome is that shower?  Check out all of the photos here.

And now for the grand finale!  Drum roll, please.

We’ve got two spaces to share today; Katie’s modern-meets-country kitchen and the kid’s guest bathroom. First up is everyone’s favorite space to remodel: the kitchen!

Katie completely transformed this kitchen and she choose our Lush® 3×6 Reef tile as the main statement piece. Change your tile, change your life, right?

modwalls Lush Reef subway tile in Katie Brown's kitchen

Below is an “in-process”/ before shot. As you can see, Katie ripped out EVERYTHING and started from scratch on this cozy kitchen. (The kitchen is that little nook waaay back there).

What a difference!

modwalls Lush 3x6 Reef glass subway tile

modwalls Lush 3x6 Reef glass subway tile close up

The guest bathroom features one of our custom penny round colors, a poppy red that is too cute for words. Our ModDotz™ porcelain penny round tiles are frequently used in bathrooms for floors, walls, shower surrounds and backsplashes.  Aren’t they the cutest?

Modwalls ModDotz penny round tiles in Katie Brown's guest bath

ModDotz penny rounds close up


Pretty soon we’ll share a clip from when we visited this sweet house. Modwalls®’s Sarah got to hang out with Katie and was recently featured in her PBS show. Look for it soon!

Katie & Sarah in her updated kitchen.


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Modwalls Tile in Katie Brown’s Gorgeous Amagansett Home – Part 3

Happy Friday, friends!

Today we’re showing you more of Katie Brown’s stunning revamped Amagansett home and this time we’re sharing her sweet daughter Prentiss’s bathroom.

Katie hand picked modwalls® Lush® glass subway tile “Driftwood” for her master bathroom (read our blog and see photos here), and she choose our classic white glass subway tile Lush® 3×6 Cloud for her daughter Meredith’s bathroom (we posted photos on a previous blog, which you can view here).

For her daughter Prentiss’s bathroom, Katie decided to go with our popular color Lush® Surf in our 1×2 brick joint mini subway tile size. We also carry this watery, aqua green Lush® color in a traditional 3×6 size, and an extra large format 4×12 subway size.  And we recently rolled out the color in our Lush® 1×4 size, which is a modwalls®-only size and can’t be found anywhere else.

Say “hi” to one beautiful bathroom:

modwalls Lush 1x2 Surf tile in Katie Brown's bathroom

Lush 1x2 Surf shower in Katie Brown's bathroom

Lush 1x2 Surf in Katie Brown's bathroom


We just love her style!

Which bathroom is your favorite?

February 24, 2012 at 1:47 pm 1 comment

Modwalls Tile In Katie Brown’s Gorgeous Amagansett Home – Part 2

We showed you Katie Brown’s beautiful master bathroom last week, and promised you more…

Well today we’re delivering!

Below we have photos of Katie’s daughter Meredith’s beautiful bathroom with modwalls® Lush® 3×6 Cloud glass subway tile.

So classic, so clean, so… pretty!

modwalls white glass subway tile Lush 3x6 Cloud in Katie Brown's home

white glass subway tile modwalls Lush 3x6 Cloud in Katie Brown's home

white glass subway tile modwalls Lush 3x6 Cloud in Katie Brown's bathroom

Katie Brown's bathroom with modwalls white glass subway tile modwalls Lush 3x6 Cloud

And, there is still more to come!

Stay tuned.

February 21, 2012 at 12:34 pm 5 comments

modwalls + Design Milk !

Happy Friday!

We couldn’t take off for the weekend without first sharing this rockin’ blog from one of our favorite, favorite online design mags, Design Milkall about installing our Lush® 3×6 Vapor glass subway tile!

Design Milk’s editor extraordinaire Jaime Derringer used the tile for her recent kitchen remodel and blogged all about it.  You can read the whole article which details her step-by-step tile installation process here

Here’s a little picky from the blog…  more photos to come!

modwalls Lush 3x6 Vapor tile as seen on Design Milk

Don’t cha love knowing what leaders in the industry are doing with their own spaces?  Yeah? Us too!

Read more about Jaime’s kitchen remodel process on House Milk

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Today’s Color Inspiration: Mellow, Minty Green

We’ve noticed that modwalls®’s customers seem to favor three colors more than any others in our Lush® palette:

1) Lush® Cloud, our classic white glass tile.

2) Lush® Vapor, a subtle pale blue.

3) Lush® Surf, a soothing, watery green.

And it’s this last color that sparked today’s color inspiration: mellow, minty green.

Here’s a Japanese soaking tub with our Lush® 3×6 Surf backsplash tile:

Lush 3x6 Surf glass tile around Japanese Soaking tub

This mod bathroom has our ModDotz™ Pistachio porcelain penny round tiles:

ModDotz pistachio green porcelain penny round tiles

ModDotz porcelain penny rounds in color Pistachio green

modwalls ModDotz Pistachio green porcelain penny tile bathroom

Pistachio ModDotz porcelain penny round tiles

Here’s a slightly different take on the color as seen in our 3/4″ mosaic tile blend Brio® Surfside:

modwalls mosaic tile blend Surfside

And another variation, this time the tile is our Lush® 1×2 blend Santa Monica.

Lush 1x2 santa monica bar tile

And finally, one of our favorites is this kitchen with Lush® 4×12 Surf tile:

modwalls Lush 4x12 Surf tile kitchen backsplash

Lush 4x12 Surf tile kitchen backsplash

modwalls 4x12 Surf tile kitchen backsplash

What do you think of this color trend?

Is is you?

January 23, 2012 at 2:52 pm 3 comments

“Tileplace” – An homage to the tiled fireplace

When it’s cold outside like today, nothing satisfies more than cozying up next to the fireplace with a hot drink, a good book and/or a cuddle buddy.  Wouldn’t you agree?

These tiled fireplaces are giving us this feeling called WANT and we have it BAD.

Here’s a living room with modwalls® Brio® White Linen 3/4″ mosaic tile blend on the fireplace… its such a subtle blend, and it looks at home in any interior (kitchen backsplashes, bathroom showers, floors- you name it).

Tile fireplace with modwalls Brio White Linen blend

Tile fireplace with modwalls Brio White Linen blend close up

modwalls Brio White Linen tile fireplace

That wingback chair is calling our name!

Or maybe that look is a little too cozy for your taste?  Perhaps you’re more at home with something classic, with a twist…

If so, we’d suggest a fireplace tile like our Lush® 1/2×2 Moss tile; its fresh, stacked format is slightly edgy and pairs well with the traditional earthy green color of the tile.

modwalls Lush 1/2x2 Moss tile

glass subway tile fireplace from modwalls with Lush 1/2x2 Moss tile

glass tile fireplace with modwalls Lush 1/2x2 Moss tile

This fireplace-entertainment center was actually featured on the HGTV show Destination Design.

And last, what we’re about to show you is one of the best fireplaces we’ve EVER seen.  And you know we mean it!

Say hello to this tiled fireplace with modwalls® Brio® 3/4″ mosaic tile “Cilantro” and our Lush® Henry Road “Butterfly” tile. This is one of the rooms at the Glen Oaks Big Sur lodge in Big Sur, CA.

tile fireplace with modwalls Brio mosaic tile and Lush artistic tile

How sweet is this space?!

We wanna be friends with this fireplace.

tile fireplace with modwalls Brio mosaic tile and Lush Butterfly tile

So…. What does your fantasy fireplace look like?

January 19, 2012 at 10:50 am 1 comment

IN.STOCK.NOW. And hotter than ever.

Three of everyone’s favorite modern glass tiles are back on modwalls® shelves!

Insanely popular, can’t find it anywhere else, chic and sexy, Lush® 1×4 Cloud:

modwalls popular glass tile Lush 1x4 Cloud white modern subway tile

It’s a best seller every single year and still super desirable, it’s our lovely Lush® 3×6 Surf subway tile:

modwalls Lush 3x6 modern glass subway tile color Surf aqua blue green tile

And its ultra cool and modern but still completely inviting, its our extra large format subway tile, our Lush® 4×12 Vapor “Major” subway tile.

modwalls Lush 4x12 Vapor blue modern glass subway tile

Is it getting warm in here??  Caliente!

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