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We’re still 100% in love with this design!
Take a look at our tile at the Glen Oaks Big Sur Lodge in Big Sur, CA…

Modwalls |Fresh Tile in Colors You Crave

It isn’t very often when we look at a place and say, “This is exactly how I want my home to look.” And the fact that the spectacular spot features modwalls® tile?  Yep, we are officially floored.

We could not be more pleased to see modwalls® tile in the Glen Oaks Big Sur Lodge, recognized as one of the most romantic hotels in the world in the February 2011 issue of Travel + Leisure Magazine. The grounds were recently overhauled and completely revamped by super-talented interior designer Steve Justrich of Justrich Design in San Francisco, CA.

Built as an adobe motor lodge in 1957, the hotel is unique in that its smaller, quainter grounds are appealing to a younger market that can’t put up the dough for the $1000 per night alternatives in the area.  But this place certainly isn’t lacking: Glen Oaks is ranked #1 on Trip…

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Designer Spotlight: Playhouse Design Group

Playhouse Design Group logo

Holy moly, we are pumped about this Designer Spotlight! We’re talking crazy excited, doing a happy-dance, jump-kick-into-the-splits type of feeling.  And why, you ask?  Well, that would be because of the super sleek set of photos we received from ultra-cool Playhouse Design Group out of Seattle,Washington.  Scroll down and let your eyes feast on the majesty.  Warning: These delicious photos will stuff you with delight; you’ll need to walk it off afterward.

Homes by Playhouse Design Group.

Homes by Playhouse Design Group.

Modwalls Lush 1x1 Wasabi glass tile

Modwalls® Lush® 1x1 Wasabi tile on the kitchen backsplash installed with black grout; its a totally unexpected choice that ties in the countertop and bar perfectly.

You would think after being in the biz this long, and having already built a rockin’ tile gallery, that we might not have the same enthusiasm we used to for tile photos. Well, the truth is that even if we are a little jaded at times, this work is entirely different. Playhouse Design Group has created original, inspiring spaces executed with the highest-quality craftsmanship.  The finished product is gorgeous, genuinely unique and has left us completely awestruck.

Modwalls Lush 1/2x2 Big Sur glass tile blend kitchen by playhouse design group

Modwalls® Lush® 1/2x2 Big Sur glass tile blend.

Quinn Borseno is the visionary who started Playhouse Design Group and he says it’s his background in art and experience in “Mystical Thinking,” (daydreaming), that inspires his work.  He obviously dreams big and he dreams bold!

playhouse design group outside view

kitchen with modwalls ModDotz porcelain penny rounds

A Playhouse Design Group kitchen with modwalls® ModDotz™ porcelain penny rounds.

Daring design means a little bit of risk-taking, and that’s something we’re seeing less and less of these days. That’s why we think Playhouse Design Group deserves a grand tip-of-the-hat for building spaces that they love; environments that are unexpected and vibrant. This is design from the heart, design they truly believe in. And we can relate, because that’s exactly how modwalls® operates.  We create tile that we love just like Playhouse Design Group creates homes that they love.  We’re on the same wavelength here, people.

Quinn said it himself, “I was so excited when I saw a modwalls® ad in a magazine, I was like, ‘No way! Someone finally gets it!’”

modwalls Brio clear red glass tile

We are crazy about this backsplash with our Brio® Clear Red glass tile. This is how color blocking should be done.

Quinn’s point of view is, “The real design originates inside of you. Whether you are a design scientist and it begins in the laboratory of your mind or you are a design poet and it starts in the red velvet drafting room of your heart, it must come from within.”

Yep, we agree, Quinn is definitely the poetic type.

And the spaces he creates… they’re elegant, harmonious, tasteful… and equally poetic.

modwalls “Milk” 2x8 white ceramic subway tile

modwalls “Milk” 2x8 white ceramic subway tile

modwalls “Milk” 2x8 white ceramic subway tile

Again using grout in a somewhat unusual way; dark grout with Clayhaus for modwalls® “Milk” 2x8 white ceramic subway tile makes things a little more interesting.

So what does Quinn want you to know about this radical team?  His exact words: “For a Good Time Call: Playhouse Design Group!”

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