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Tidy – chapter 5- Everyday beauty

What does a life look like that is designed with love? Margaret inherited her mother’s house with the words, “Make this house a home.” Margaret is finding out what that means.

Home Etsy

(Continued from chapter 4) Ceramic, glass, porcelain, cement, cork…  Margaret remembers retiling the kitchen floor of her apartment when she was in college. She just went to the local hardware store and got marble tile that was adhesive. “Was it vinyl?” she ponders as she looks through the website of modern tile that is definitely not anywhere close to vinyl.  It’s bright and colorful and doesn’t look like it’s applied by peeling off the backside.


Modwalls is here to help!

The only way Margaret managed to “retile” her floor back then, was with her friend Christine’s help. And by help, she means bringing cigarettes, a bottle of wine, and lending her moral support. “I think you need to trim it with an Xacto-knife.” ‘I forgot to buy one,” says Margaret. “Here,” Christine unclips a small pocket knife that her boyfriend (now husband) bought her. “Try this.”  When that didn’t work, Christine would stomp on it with her Doc Martins’ boot until did – sorta.  “Perfect,” she’d smile.

REx Ray feet

Rex Ray Studio for Modwalls American Made: Ceramic in Eclipse Black

Christine is now in Hawaii raising her kids, surfing and running a health collective with the aforementioned husband. She is a common sense kind of person who says things like, “Just call the store and tell them what you want.”  Margaret is embarrassed to tell Christine that she doesn’t know what she wants and worse, she maybe kinda doesn’t trust herself to pick the right thing. I mean, what if she makes a mistake and ruins her mom’s house? “It’s your house now, and anyway, you won’t ruin it,” says Christine.  Margaret looks at the walls in her kitchen.


Modwalls Brio Custom Blend

“But I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s not like I’m an interior designer.” “You don’t have to be,”says Christine. “Just do the next right thing. Keep it simple. Don’t get overwhelmed.” “Ok.” Margaret pauses. “And what’s the next right thing?” Christine laughs, “You tell me.”  Margaret thinks for a minute. “Dig the donuts out of the trash?” “No.” “Get back in bed?” “No.” “Call the store.” “Bingo! And do that thing that your friend Toni does.” “What thing?” “That thing with calling the universe.” Toni likes to imagine that when she’s making a phone call (or answering one), the universe is on the other line with a beautiful message.


“Do it and then call me back.” Margaret looks at the phone number of the tile company. Ok universe. Be nice. Give me someone nice on the other line. Someone helpful. Who doesn’t make me feel stupid. Or like I’m wasting their time. And universe, I know this might be a lot to ask, but give me someone who knows that this is more than just a remodel, more than just another project, more than just another customer. Give me someone who knows how to make a house a home. And maybe, if you’re up for it, show me the beauty. The beauty in everyday. She takes a breath and picks up the phone.Micheline

This is the fifth installment in a weekly series about aspirational living.  Micheline Auger is a New York-based writer who loves all things Modwalls.

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Cork Mosaic Tiled Bathroom: CorkDotz by Modwalls

Modwalls’ CorkDotz Cork Mosaic Tile in a Modern Bathroom.
Buy on our site here:

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Modwalls CorkDotz Sustainable Cork Tile in Bathroom

Our CorkDotz cork mosaic tile is a sustainable option for a stylish bathroom. Buy product here:

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For Your Consideration

The newest member of modwalls® team is the fabulous Katelyn Bowman, and she is one talented woman.

Katelyn is a licensed interior designer and an avid photographer; she’s our trade account specialist and she’s playing the role of graphic designer here too because we absolutely LOVE her creations (and we think you will too!).

Katelyn recently created these gorgeous tile collages and we thought they were so lovely they just had to go public (on the blog, that is).

Feast your eyes on the beauties below…

First up is modwalls® Lush® Rex Ray Studio 4×12 “TYPE white” and “TYPE black” glass subway tiles.

Rex Ray Studio TYPE design subway tiles by modwalls

Next is our ModRocks™ Recycled Glass Pebble tile, our ModDotz™ Mango porcelain penny round tile and our CorkDotz™ Cork penny round tile.  Loooove!

modwalls ModRocks Recycled Glass Pebbles, Porcelain ModDotz Mango, and CorkDotz

And then we have our Lush® 3×6 Peacock tile across the top of the page, a herringbone layout of our Lush® 3×6 Quince and Lush® 3×6 Butter tiles, and two shots of our Lush® 1×4 Pool mini glass subway tile.

Lush subway glass tiles by modwalls

Last is our fresh and fantastic “Plus” Design ceramic tiles in colors Brine, Milk and Splash (and a Regulated Mix of all 3 colors).

This tile is just delicious, end of story.

Clayhaus for modwalls Plus Design Ceramic tiles


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As Seen In DIY Magazine… It’s Our CorkDotz Mosaic Penny Tile!

We’re super pleased to see modwalls® CorkDotz™ in the winter edition of Better Homes and Gardens Do It Yourself Magazine.

DIY modwalls CorkDotz cork penny round mosaic sustainable tile

And what’s so great about CorkDotz™?

Only these things & more:

  • Eco-friendly, sustainable tile that is made from the cork stopper industry’s by-product
  • Great for indoor applications or in covered outdoor settings
  • Appropriate for commercial and residential spaces, wet or dry applications
  • Cork is a renewable resource
  • Perfect for walls and floors and even ceilings
  • Water resistant once sealed
  • Has insulating properties
  • Comes in double sheets measuring for faster installation
  • Looks cool!
Yeah, all that stuff! Kinda awesome, right?
Want more info? Check it out here.

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Warm & Fuzzy Finds for Friday: Cute Kids + modwalls tile.

Sweet shots of some of modwalls® youngest customers…

modwalls Brio blend City Sunshine glass mosaic tile

Super cute babe in front of modwalls® Brio® blend City Sunshine mosaic tile.

modwalls Lush 1x2 Fog Bank Kitchen backsplash glass tile

This is modwalls® Lush® 1x2 Fog Bank tile.

modwalls Lush glass tile blend, pool tile.

A modwalls® Lush® glass tile blend in an inviting pool.

modwalls CorkDotz Cork Penny tile bathroom tile

modwalls® CorkDotz™ Cork Penny tile bathroom tile.

playing with modwalls bulk loose glass tiles

Crafting kiddies using modwalls® Bulk Loose Glass Mosaic Tile.

modwalls bulk loose Brio glass mosaic tiles

kids with modwalls bulk loose Brio glass mosaic tiles

more modwalls bulk loose Brio glass mosaic tiles

And last, we couldn’t ask for a better model to pose in front of modwalls® Lush® Henry Road “Field” Bamboo and Cloud glass tile.

modwalls Lush Henry Road designer artistic glass tile Bamboo Field w baby








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