Tidy – chapter six: samples of yes

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What does a life look like that is designed with love? Margaret inherited her mother’s house with the words, “Make this house a home.” Margaret is finding out what that means.

(Continued) Samples. Samples! It never occurred to Margaret that she could get samples.“Oh yeah,” said Cassie who picked up the phone when she called the modern tile company. “That’s a great way to go. In fact, we recommend it. You wouldn’t get married on a first date, why commit to something unless you know it’s gonna work?”

samples Sample of Clayhaus/Kiln Color Chip Ceramic Tile – Choose Your Color

Why indeed, thinks Margaret.  Sam moved in after the first month of dating. It just seemed easier. Until it wasn’t, and he moved out leaving Margaret contemplating the wall for extended periods of time. Sometimes it was the wall in the bedroom, sometimes it was the wall in the…

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Tidy – chapter 5- Everyday beauty

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What does a life look like that is designed with love? Margaret inherited her mother’s house with the words, “Make this house a home.” Margaret is finding out what that means.

Home Etsy

(Continued from chapter 4) Ceramic, glass, porcelain, cement, cork…  Margaret remembers retiling the kitchen floor of her apartment when she was in college. She just went to the local hardware store and got marble tile that was adhesive. “Was it vinyl?” she ponders as she looks through the website of modern tile that is definitely not anywhere close to vinyl.  It’s bright and colorful and doesn’t look like it’s applied by peeling off the backside.

DIY Modwalls is here to help!

The only way Margaret managed to “retile” her floor back then, was with her friend Christine’s help. And by help, she means bringing cigarettes, a bottle of wine, and lending her moral support. “I think you need to trim…

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Tidy – chapter 4: design a life with love

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What does a life look like that is designed with love? Margaret inherited her mother’s house with the words, “Make this house a home.” Margaret is finding out what that means.

love tiles(Continued from Chapter 3) “Where have you been?” asks Toni.  In the basement. That’s where Margaret found herself after throwing out the box of donuts, brewing a fresh pot of coffee and doing the week-old dishes. Her laundry is done and, truth be told, she tossed out half of it after reading in the Tidy book that you should only keep the things you love. When she read those words, her heart simultaneously leapt and sank.

Kitchen Nook with Subway Tile Francis’ Nook with Subway Tile

The idea of surrounding herself with things she loved excited her, but she didn’t think she had anything that she love loved. And if she went through her stuff one thing at a time and felt for the love – what…

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Tidy: chapter 3 – interiors and exteriors

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monochromatic-cottage-in-sweden-kitchen1-via-smallhousebliss Monochromatic White Ceramic Tile

(Continued…) They say if you don’t feel your grief, you won’t be able to feel all the other feelings that want to arise.  Good feelings like joy, empathy, or passion. It’s like having a house decorated with only one color – but the color is grey. Margaret had been living in a grey house emotionally, and the grey was her grief. The grief was like a hand pressing down on her; she could barely breathe. And when Sam left, another hand descended.

light in window

But now it’s spring and Margaret, still residing in her bed-cave, is becoming aware of the light streaming in through the window.  She notices the birds singing outside. The thought of a bird feeder floats through her mind. She feels the slight, oh-so-slight flutter of something stirring deep down inside.

Margaret props herself up on pillows and surfs the internet for pictures to add to her “vision” Pinterest board…

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Tidy – chapter 2: keeping order

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As Margaret reads from “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, she comes upon a sentence that stops her cold: “Keep your house in order.”
That doesn’t sound fun…


That sounded like punishment. A commandment whose highest expression of love is a clean, stainless steel kitchen with nothing in the fridge because nobody actually lives there.  As much as Margaret may ogle over magazines layouts of these kitchens, she imaginesthat the people who live there don’t actually eat. They’re a new breed of high-achieving actualizers who live on air, or smoothies, or green juice, or…

stainless_steel_kitchen Tile is a wonderful way to warm up a kitchen

Margaret wipes the Entenmanns’ crumbs from her “Just Do(nut) it!” sweatshirt and breaths. “Thinking,” she notes. It’s day two of her new meditation practice where she affirms she is not her thoughts. She’s not sure what she is anymore, but apparently she’s not her thoughts. She just

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Tidy: chapter 1 – the universe is speaking…

We’re re running this original story of design and life on consecutive days. By New York-based writer Micheline Auger.

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life-changing-magicThe Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Really? The book has been sitting on her kitchen table for a month. Underneath a pair of socks, a pile of home decor magazines, and Francis, the one-eared cat who adopted her last winter after Sam left. Her mother gave her the book for her 45th birthday. “It’ll change your life.” Mom likes to buy people books for their birthdays. Books like The Rules, Getting To I Do and Upgrading your Wardrobe for Dummies. “But this book is different,” says mom. “The writer is Japanese. Did you know that Japanese women don’t experience menopause? It’s because their culture respects older women. And their diets are cleaner. And the women feel supported and nourished and valued. The women are so graceful. You should read it.” She knows she should read it. Everyone’s reading it. It’s on the best sellers list…

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Before and After Bathroom Remodel with Modwalls Tile

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Grace Chon recently shared her bathroom redo on Instagram. We love “Before & After” photos; especially when our tile is part of the After!
Shown: Lush blue  glass subway tile in 1×4 Vapor.
Repost from @thegracechon via @igrepost_app, it’s free! Use the @igrepost_app to save, repost Instagram pics and videos, Here’s another before and after, this time of the bathroom. These were shot in the same spot, same time of day! We had a skylight added in because the bathroom used to be such a cave. I do NOT recommend doing a bathroom renovation when you’re 9months pregnant. 😝 #renovation #bathroom #midcenturymodern #rejuvenation #casadechon

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