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Tile Warehouse Sale in Santa Cruz, CA Saturday March 5th

Modwalls Tile Warehouse Sale in Aptos, CA
Saturday, March 5th, 2016

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Modwalls Makes it Easy to get Tile Samples Online

We’ve updated our website to offer a sample on every product page.  Samples are in stock and ready to ship via USPS Priority Mail at nominal cost with free shipping.
Check us out at
We’re here to help you to “Live With Color”!

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Cleaning Grout: Helpful Tips w/ a Personal Recommendation

We were recently asked {again} by a customer for some helpful tips on keeping grout bright and sparkling clean.  Who wants dirty grout?  No one.

As as self-described OCD cleaner myself, I have personally experimented with all sorts of products in the cleaning product and technique realm.  I’ve read tons of suggestions via Pinterest, blogs, and online searches, and what I have found may surprise you.

****************  Drum roll please!!!  ****************

May I introduce you to the power of the Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser?!!  If the reviews don’t convince enough to purchase this for your home – specifically for grout – maybe I will. 🙂


Thinking way back to the first time I ever bought this now very addictive little cleaning gem… I vaguely remember wandering around Target in the cleaning products aisle and saw this box (but maybe a smaller version).  I figured it was worth the very cheap cost to try out something new for my typical cleaning rituals.

After reading all the do’s and don’ts on the box, I started out small, testing it on areas that seemed up for the challenge.  First was walls, switches & outlets, then baseboards, then eventually tile & grout.  I give all the credit to these little erasers for helping me get my deposits back on not only one, but two different rental properties.

I sometimes find myself wandering around my house looking for hidden scuffs and dirt to clean up – eraser in hand.  No joke, I almost asked for these as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.  Maybe I’ll get lucky?! 😉

Easy How-to Instructions:

  1. Vacuum, sweep, or wipe away larger debris from the area you would like to clean.
  2. Remove the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser from the packaging.
  3. Put on rubber gloves.
  4. Hold eraser under running water to get it wet and give it a couple of squeezes to remove the excess water.  (Sometimes only a bit of water is more than sufficient).
  5. Rub eraser over the affected areas: could be soap scum, scuffs, dirt, mildew, mold, and stains in your shower or on your floor. It takes very little effort to rub away the grime  (although sometimes I have to use my fingernail to get into tight grout joints).  Might be best to test on a smaller area to get comfortable with the process.
  6. Change the position of the Magic Eraser once the portion you are using becomes dirty. Stubborn stains may require you to go over the surface area a couple of times.
  7. Wipe area clean with a damp cloth.
  8. Allow your Magic Eraser to air dry and then store it away.


Anyway, I now purchase this wonderful product in bulk since it’s become such a regular favorite.  Of course, not every product works on every surface, but you’ll be pleased to know it definitely works on grout.  Here’s a link to get a coupon for it through the manufacturer – or – you can find it on here.

Be additionally forewarned that this product does break down as you use it (like a real life eraser), so you may need more than one sponge per dirty job.  I’ve found that lightly scrubbing an area seems to work better than putting a lot of muscle into it.

Details, details, details….

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is made of a compound called melamine foam. Although it can appear soft, the inner fibers are very thin and strong. With small openings across the surface, the melamine works much like fine sandpaper, reaching into the small grooves where stains have settled.

When lightly moistened, the holes in a Magic Eraser bind to dirt particles, resulting in a clean surface. The spongy eraser may then leave behind a residue, which can easily be wiped away with water or a damp cloth.

Melamine is also used in other applications as a resin, such as for soundproofing and as insulation for pipes. According to the Mr. Clean website, the Magic Eraser contains no harsh chemicals. However, some consumer Internet sites claim the Magic Eraser can cause chemical burns on the skin. According to the Mayo Clinic, the Magic Eraser can abrade the skin when rubbed directly on the skin. When used in the intended manner, however, the melamine should not cause burning.  *Always keep out of reach of children*

NOTE: The hard surface and fibers of the Magic Eraser can scratch certain surfaces, making them appear dull, so it should not be used on varnished surfaces or other materials prone to scratching.

Read more: How Do Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Work? |

Best of luck keeping your grout bright and sparkling with my latest favorite thing!

Cleaning Grout:  Helpful Tips w/ a Personal Recommendation by Katelyn Bowman

Modwalls® is making tile modern™ with colorful and unique designs that are in stock and available for purchase online 24/7 at

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Want Clean Tile? Then Choose a Quality Grout

We get the question, “How should I keep my tile clean?” so often.

And it makes perfect sense to ask of course; if you’re going to remodel and invest in new tile, you want to keep it in the best condition possible.  It’s a great question.

But the answer might surprise you because really, it’s not as much about keeping your tile clean…  It’s waaaay more important to keep your grout surface clean!

Your tile might get a little soap residue on it, but that can be wiped away.  What’s more difficult is trying to fight back scum, mold and mildew in your grout lines.

In the case of grout, preventing mold and mildew is your best bet.  We’ve given the full run-down about all grout options possible previously on our blog, so you know we highly recommend top-of-the-line grouts like our StarGlass Urethane Grout over all other options. We stand by the claim that this product really is the best of the best.

StarGlass Grout colors with modwalls ModRocks Recycled Glass Pebbles

StarGlass Grout is a one of a kind product: It’s made from recycled glass dust, pre-mixed and stored in a resealable container. It’s waterproof and stainproof formula won’t crack or break over time, and it has a gorgeous translucent glow.

StarGlass is composed of post-consumer recycled glass and it emits little to no VOCs.  StarGlass’s long lasting and easy-to-use formula provides unmatched stain resistance, ultimate color consistency, crack resistant flexibility, mold/mildew protection and UV stability.

These features and benefits are sure to minimize life cycle costs and provide a translucent, three-dimensional, reflective appearance that you can enjoy for years to come.

So if you are embarking on your remodel and going to use tile for the job, please keep our grouting tips in mind!  Any questions?  Feel free to post a comment! =)

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Its Time to Grout: Helpful Tips for Choosing Your Best Option

So you’ve found the perfect tile. It’s just right; it’s just what you’ve been looking for forever, and now its time to install it. But there’s a little more to it; you’ve got to grout that tile… and there are so many choices! Where to begin?

Here’s some information we think you’ll find helpful in selecting grout for your modwalls® tile.

Options: Sanded Grout, Non-Sanded Grout and Urethane Grout

Step one is figuring out which type of grout will be best for your installation. Urethane grout, like modwalls® Starglass Grout, is a unique option that is suitable for any installation with any of modwalls® tiles & more.

Here are some general rules to follow when choosing grout:

  • If your tile’s grout width is between 1/16” and 1/8” (like all of modwalls® glass tile lines including Brio®, Lush® and Viridian™ tiles and our ModDotz™ Porcelain Penny Rounds), you can use any option, sanded, non-sanded grout or urethane; it’s up to you.  Sanded grout and urethane grouts are more durable and if your tile will be installed in a wet area like a shower or a pool, or on a floor, then you definitely should use sanded or urethane grout.
  • If your tile’s grout width is less than 1/16”, like modwalls® Stainless Steel tile, you should use non-sanded grout or a urethane grout like StarGlass grout, which is specially designed for use with metal and glass tiles.

Note: Sanded grout WILL NOT scratch glass tile!  So rest easy and don’t let that scare ya.

Urethane grout like modwalls® StarGlass grout is a top notch option and we highly recommend it over any other option, hands down.  If you choose to go with another option though, keep in mind that sanded grout is generally more durable, so modwalls® recommends it over non-sanded grout for most installations. Other than durability, the main difference between sanded and non-sanded grout is that sanded grout has a sanded, textured appearance and non-sanded grout has a smoother, more matte and flat finish.

modwalls® Brio® tile with sanded grout

Grout Sealer: When Do You Need It?

Typically it’s not your tile that’s difficult to keep clean, it’s the grout spacing between it.

Urethane grouts, like Starglass Grout, and epoxy grouts, have grout sealing agents in them that will protect your grout color without you having to take any extra steps. Most sanded and non-sanded grouts don’t though, and you may want to purchase a grout sealer.

Here are some examples of when you MUST seal your grout or use a urethane or epoxy grout:

  • When installing tile in a wet area.
  • If you’re concerned about staining, mildew or mold.  Urethane and epoxy grouts will protect your tile from issues like these.

There are different kinds of sealers; some are applied only to the grout and some are applied over tile and grout. The Custom Building Products website has some helpful information about different grout sealers:

Most sealers are applied over both tile and grout and will not stain glass, porcelain, or glazed ceramic tile.

Why StarGlass Urethane Grout?

Yes, we play favorites when it comes to grout, and that’s because we know we’ve got the best option out there. Modwalls® StarGlass grout is composed of post-consumer recycled glass, emits little to no VOCs, and eliminates jobsite waste. It’s long lasting, easy-to-use formula provides unmatched stain resistance, ultimate color consistency, crack resistant flexibility, mold and mildew protection, and UV stability. These features and benefits are sure to minimize life cycle costs and provide a translucent, three-dimensional, reflective appearance that you can enjoy for years to come.

Modwalls® is proud to carry StarGlass grout. It’s made from recycled glass dust, pre-mixed and stored in a re-sealable container. The waterproof, stain-proof formula won’t crack or break over time. And since it’s made from recycled glass it truly sparkles.

The Fun Part: Color!

Gone are the days of all white grout all the time; today there are lots of grout color options and they can really change the look and feel of your installation.  Modwalls® stocks 15 shades of StarGlass Grout, so there’s no need to feel limited!

In general, we suggest that you avoid a stark contrast between the color of your tile and the color of your grout, so we recommend choosing a grout color that is as close to the color of your tile as possible.

Left: 1/2x2 & 3x6 Dune with Starglass Citrine (top) and Amber (bottom). Right: Brio Cream & Candlelight Pearl and 1/2x2 Dune with Starglass Aventurine grout sample

Consider the look and feel of the room… do you want one color to dominate?  Then you might consider grouting your tile that color.

Top left: Cork Penny Rounds with Palm Wood, Copper, Topaz grouts. Top right: Brio Taupe with Hematite grout and Dry Ice with Opal Grout. Bottom left: 1/2x2 Rain with Silver, Moonstone & Aquamarine grouts. Bottom Right: 3x6 Moss with Jade grout.

If you have a blend, think about which color you want to stand out the most, and opt for a grout that is similar in color.

If you want the lighter colors in a blend to stand out, go with a lighter colored grout. If you want the darker color to stand out, choose a darker grout. This is our 1x2 Carmelita blend with Aventurine (light grout option) and Copper (dark grout option).

These are just suggestions… you could also do something different like this customer did with our 3×6 Dune tile and a blue/gray grout that coordinates with the cobalt countertops. Stunning!

The gray/ blue grout really compliments our 3x6 Dune tile and it pulls in the blue countertop.

So get creative with your grout, and make that tile installation sing!

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