Tidy – chapter six: samples of yes

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What does a life look like that is designed with love? Margaret inherited her mother’s house with the words, “Make this house a home.” Margaret is finding out what that means.

(Continued) Samples. Samples! It never occurred to Margaret that she could get samples.“Oh yeah,” said Cassie who picked up the phone when she called the modern tile company. “That’s a great way to go. In fact, we recommend it. You wouldn’t get married on a first date, why commit to something unless you know it’s gonna work?”

samples Sample of Clayhaus/Kiln Color Chip Ceramic Tile – Choose Your Color

Why indeed, thinks Margaret.  Sam moved in after the first month of dating. It just seemed easier. Until it wasn’t, and he moved out leaving Margaret contemplating the wall for extended periods of time. Sometimes it was the wall in the bedroom, sometimes it was the wall in the…

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Founder and Creative Director of Modwalls Tile Company. Since 2005 Rebecca has been designing Fresh Tile in Colors You Crave. Shop Online at Modwalls.com.

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