Tidy – chapter 2: keeping order

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As Margaret reads from “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, she comes upon a sentence that stops her cold: “Keep your house in order.”
That doesn’t sound fun…


That sounded like punishment. A commandment whose highest expression of love is a clean, stainless steel kitchen with nothing in the fridge because nobody actually lives there.  As much as Margaret may ogle over magazines layouts of these kitchens, she imaginesthat the people who live there don’t actually eat. They’re a new breed of high-achieving actualizers who live on air, or smoothies, or green juice, or…

stainless_steel_kitchen Tile is a wonderful way to warm up a kitchen

Margaret wipes the Entenmanns’ crumbs from her “Just Do(nut) it!” sweatshirt and breaths. “Thinking,” she notes. It’s day two of her new meditation practice where she affirms she is not her thoughts. She’s not sure what she is anymore, but apparently she’s not her thoughts. She just

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Rebecca Lonergan

Founder and Creative Director of Modwalls Tile Company. Since 2005 Rebecca has been designing Fresh Tile in Colors You Crave. Shop Online at Modwalls.com.

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