Tidy – chapter six: samples of yes

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What does a life look like that is designed with love? Margaret inherited her mother’s house with the words, “Make this house a home.” Margaret is finding out what that means.

(Continued) Samples. Samples! It never occurred to Margaret that she could get samples. “Oh yeah,” said Cassie who picked up the phone when she called the modern tile company. “That’s a great way to go. In fact, we recommend it. You wouldn’t get married on a first date, why commit to something unless you know it’s gonna work?”


Sample of Clayhaus/Kiln Color Chip Ceramic Tile – Choose Your Color

Why indeed, thinks Margaret.  Sam moved in after the first month of dating. It just seemed easier. Until it wasn’t, and he moved out leaving Margaret contemplating the wall for extended periods of time. Sometimes it was the wall in the bedroom, sometimes it was the wall in the bathroom, and often it was the wall in the kitchen which is what made her think of installing a new backsplash to add a little color to her musings.

brio blend emma

Brio Blend Emma

“We’re here to support you. If you have any questions or problems, you can give us a call or we can chat online. That’s what we’re about. We know that your house is more than just a home.”  Did she just say a house was MORE than a home. Margaret was trying to wrap her head around just making it a home home.

Cassie continues. “When I remodeled my house, I was so nervous. I didn’t know what I was doing. Sometimes the contractor would show up, sometimes he wouldn’t. Sometimes I’d get someone on the phone, but a lot of times I didn’t. After that experience, I was really happy to work with a company that values people and their vision.”

Modwalls samples

See and feel our tile before you buy! (And every sample comes with candy! Who loves you?)

Margaret, relieved to find out she didn’t have to commit to ordering everything before she even knew what she wanted, ordered some samples and was happy to find out that she could even buy the tiles by the square foot, instead of by the box.

What would it be like if life was more like this? Instead of getting a recorded voice, or being put on hold for an hour, or hearing No. No. and uh, No; how about a “sure, we’d love to!” For a very long time, it just seemed like life was saying NO but now something’s changing. Now it’s saying YES (or perhaps a lowercase yes). And the lowercase yeses are coming in the form of coincidences, interesting conversations, and gulp, being willing to try new things.

yes color“My home is my kingdom.” says Roy, who is Margaret’s new personal trainer. “Everything has its place. I got everything I need, just where I want it. Perfect sound and gaming system. Comfortable. The guys come over for the game. My lady likes it. It’s my domain. One more.”  Margaret desperately tries to lift the kettle ball to where Roy is holding his hand. “You can do it,” says Roy.  She…..can……do…..it!

“There you go, now give me 15” As Margaret does her lunges, she thinks about what it would be like to have a home that is her ….um, queendom or whatever. What would it feel like if her life was her queendom? Or her thighs stopped burning? “I look at my body as my home too,” continues Roy, as he gently encourages Margaret’s ears to let go of her shoulders. “Your body takes care of you; you have to take care of your body. You want to be comfortable, strong, energetic. So just like I take care of my home, I take care of my body. That’s it, five more.”


Margaret considers groaning but it’s too much effort. Ray is on a roll. “Relationships are also a home that you’ve got to maintain. You want them strong, comfortable and,” he laughs, “energetic.” Sweat rolls down Margaret’s arm. Roy is Toni’s boyfriend. Toni gifted her ten sessions with Roy with one caveat, “You have to give him back.” Margaret does five more lunges 1. for home. 2. for body. 3 for relationships. 4. for… she pauses to think. “Two more and you’re golden.” says Roy. Margaret’s legs shake. 4. for my mother and 5. for… me.

This is the sixth installment in a weekly series about aspirational living.  Micheline Auger is a New York-based writer who loves all things Modwalls.


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