Color as Abundance and Opportunity

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Artist Dove Drury

Artist Dove Drury

“If I am truly living my color, I am viewing my life as an abundant opportunity and wishing to share that with the world.”

Artist Dove Drury is a painter, muralist and ceramicist who speaks about color metaphorically, passionately, and personally.

“Color has spiritual and emotional resonations. I wear a lot of strong colors and vibrant patterns – which I feel is a way of really living and interacting with color. The celebration of color is the celebration of my life. Color really means for me a connection to higher forces and to the universe and to God and to flowers and the natural and mystical and ferocious world around us. I have a tendency toward bright colors, and have a joyful connection to red, yellow and blue.”

Modwalls Ceramic Clayhaus Tile

Modwalls Ceramic Clayhaus Tile

Drury describes his ceramics as a “way of making colors stand up.” His says his aesthetic tends towards assemblage, found objects, bric-a-brac, and sentimentality. They are “disregarded things – torn and rough around the edges – that one cannot throw away, coming from a place of love, and caring and repair.”


His current ceramic work was born from an unexpected and displeasing discovery. He opened his kiln and found that the object he had fired had broken into many bits. Not wanting to throw the pieces away, he mused on their hidden potential or “potential in any form.”Dove Ceramic Jewelry2

“I had experiences in my prior kiln firings where pieces would accidentally touch and fuse together. I thought about the connection of assemblage and utilizing this process for my benefit to create new objects, with a kind of found composition and spontaneous form.”


Drury comes from a creative family. His mother is a dancer and a painter and he describes his painting process akin to dance. Some of the murals he has painted were done by hanging off a ladder and jumping across the walls. “I would fill a broom up with paint and then smack it against the wall to create a dynamic energy and spontaneous mark.”

He describes his creative process both internally and externally. “One has to practice the routes of inner attunement so as to really listen. I go on long walks for hours winding through the city.”


In contrast to the internal world of urban wanderings is the focused and diligent hours of solitary studio sessions which focuses his creative process. “I’ll sit in my studio and tinker with my tools and toys. It’s a routine that creates an energy that embodies a pathway of working – getting your gears rolling and being in that fluid space, and it’s not always possible or predictable when it happens, but at least it’s good to set up the conditions so as to stimulate those situations.”

88 Prince Street Mural

His murals have been commissioned by private clients for their homes and Drury brings a keen sensitivity to place and function. “When I’m working on a commission, I pay attention to the aesthetic and intention of their space – so maybe a huge, red, energetic flower wouldn’t be that soothing in your meditation nook. Creating a certain emotional tone or atmospheric quality that compliments or mindfully contradicts and cohesively heightens the space is key.”


The word love is often expressed by Drury when he talks about his work, materials, process and community.

“I have this love affair with nearly everything – or nearly everything with a certain vibration. I like to collect things that are joyful. I love things that I can pick up and touch, and remember my family and my friends and the life we are building together.”

He adds, “I would say to live one’s color is to live one’s life with acute and compassionate honesty. If I am truly living my color, I am viewing my life as an abundant opportunity, and wishing to share that with the world.”

To contact Dove Drury, please email and see more work and information at

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