The Brand of You

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“You really want to own your personal style and run with it.”

Personal Coach: Robert Valin

Personal Coach: Robert Valin

Robert Valin of Robert Valin Coaching + Consulting has an extensive background in graphic design and publishing, working at Conde Nast and Hearst Magazines, so when he became certified as a life coach, many of his colleagues asked him for help with their branding.

“I used my background to help them figure out what the look and feel of their business would be.”


Valin’s initial goal when working with clients is to get a feel for what excites them in life; what they’re drawn to visually; what music or colors they like; who their role models or heroes are, and then he works with them to expand that into their individual or company brand.

“It’s discerning who you are and going with it, unapologetically.”

Valin’s own style is modern and simple. His favorite colors are blues, greens, and shades of black.

Modwalls Brio Color Tarragon

Modwalls Brio Color Tarragon

“I find those colors calming. Shades of black are modern and cutting edge, which I like. I also like clean lines and Mid-century design.”

He describes his office as Room & Board meets Conran’s. When you walk into his office, you are immediately comfortable. The simplicity serves the intention which is to focus on you, the client.

Valin’s Office

“I hate clutter,” says Valin. He is speaking of design, but the sentiment underscores his desire to hone in on his client’s personal taste to build a compelling brand. He seeks to clarify his client’s passions, needs and vision – all of which build the framework of you, whether it’s expressed as a logo, an office, or a wardrobe.


The three things people can do to affect change in their life include figuring out what you are passionate about and going with it; striving to live your life for yourself and not other people; and if you feel stuck, Valin suggests going to a museum, gallery or into nature.

“It really clears your head and opens you up to new possibilities,” he adds.

In Provincetown

David, Robert and Benny

Valin is married to landscape designer, David Kelly, recently featured in the New York Times and they live with their dog, Benny. For a free 30-minute life-changing consultation, contact Valin at

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