Staging Your Elements of Style

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Lucia DeSimoneLucia DeSimone of Before and After, the popular New York staging and redesign company, is not afraid to move. During a ten-year period, she moved eight times.

“I loved moving, and not everyone has that experience. The minute I would walk into a new apartment, I would think, ‘what can I do with this space?’ I knew that I needed to do something with that.”


DeSimone works with home sellers so that they can get a greater return on their investment. “The longer your home is on the market, the lower the price.”

She contends that when sellers work with a staging company, their homes sell faster and the National Association of Realtors seems to agree. According to one study published by NAR, 32% of buyers’ agents believe staged homes increase the dollar value by one to five percent.

DeSimone adds, “only 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a home.” Her goal is to make a seller’s home an inviting place for a buyer’s imagination (and investment). The cost? “You don’t always have to spend additional funds on purchasing new items.”


She brings a designer’s eye to what sellers already possess, and focuses on furniture placement, clutter-removal, and adding simple but effective accents, like fresh flowers.

These techniques are useful for new homeowners, or anyone who wants to make their home or office more reflective of their personal style. “Every piece of furniture in my space is a reflection of who I am,” says DeSimone. “There is not a single plant, not a single item of soap, or a succulent, that doesn’t belong there. When I’m working with a client, I want to know who they are.”


Strategically-placed soap! (Modwalls’ Brio Blend City Sunshine Tile)


But, um, what if you don’t really know who you are, or, at least, what your style is? DeSimone’s technique is to ask, look and listen. When doing a walk-thru, she pays attention. “There are things that clients really love, and things they don’t pay attention to.”

She translates these observations into design elements that reflect each client’s personal aesthetic and aspiration.  “I had one client who didn’t necessarily have an interest in design, but we’ve been in touch regularly, and now she’s found her own personal style and has fun with it.”

Tanner's BrownAnd how does DeSimone, as Modwalls’ likes to say, ‘live her colors?’ “I’m totally neutrals and earths – all the way. My favorite colors are based on my favorite type of paint, Farrow & Ball. I love Tanner’s Brown, Pale Oak, and Vert de Terre.” And accents? “I would pop that with a mulberry, or a magenta – like a purple – definitely.”

Lucia DeSimone works with clients in New York City, Miami, and nationwide. For more information, or to schedule a phone consultation, email

Micheline Auger is a freelance writer who loves art, design and all things Modwalls.

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