A Story of Family, Friendship and Tile

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Regina Gong

Regina Gong

Regina Gong is a good friend and because of that, she has good friends with good taste. As they say, ‘like attracts like,’ but is it possible for some really gorgeous tiles to come between two friends?

“I was on Houzz looking at all these tiles and complaining that I couldn’t find anything that was unique or in our budget. It was pretty depressing.”

Enter Regina’s friend, Anita.

“Anita said, ‘check out Modwalls! It would match your aesthetic,” explains Regina. “The prices are really reasonable and the staff is wonderful to work with.'”

Regina fell immediately in love with the Carmelita Lush Tiles – the same Carmelita Lush that Anita had.

Regina and her husband

Regina and her husband

“My husband and I were very reluctant to choose that tile,” continues Regina, “because we didn’t want to, quote unquote, ‘steal’ someone’s idea, or risk any weirdness in our friendship, so we asked her and her husband’s permission to use the tile.”

What happened?

“They just started laughing. They said, ‘we don’t care at all. We love it!'”


Even though her heart was set on the Carmelita, Regina picked out a bunch of tiles that she liked and showed her husband without telling him of her preference.

“I laid it all out for him and he pointed to the Carmelita right away and said it was a no brainer. We also have a three-year-old daughter who wasn’t really part of the decision but really likes it.”

Regina's husband, 3-year-old daughter and

Regina’s husband, 3-year-old daughter and “8-year-old fuzzy daughter”


“The house is not that big but we wanted the kitchen to be the hub of everything,” says Regina.

Regina’s husband is a chef so they knocked out a few walls and have an open kitchen with what her husband calls – not an island – but a peninsula, with counter stools and a dining table next to it.

“We knew the tiles had to be the centerpiece, and we knew we wanted red. In terms of psychology, red is in many restaurants because it promotes hunger and the desire to eat. When anyone comes in, the first thing they say is, ‘Oh my God, I love the tiles!’ It’s a huge statement, and it’s very vibrant and happy. It reflects our family. It is very communal, very warm, and very fun.”


Detail of flowers from Regina's wedding

Detail of flowers from Regina’s wedding

Regina has loved the color of red since she was little. She wears red as an accent, but it functions more than just an accessory color for her.

“I’m of Chinese descent and red has always signified joy and love and is very vibrant and happy. I got married in a Chinese long gown that was red, and all the decorations were red. In our American wedding, our invitations were red and robin’s egg blue, so red has played a very significant part of my life. It represents joy and warmth and life, so I want our house to represent that. That’s what the tiles are for us.”

Show the world what color means to you and join us in celebrating our ten-year anniversary with 10% off retail orders in 2015 with MOD10 at checkout!

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