Tile as Art

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Artist Christie Beniston

Christie Beniston

Artist Christie Beniston creates work for public, commercial and residential spaces.

“Mosaic became my medium for its beauty and durability in an outdoor setting. I approach each project first as a designer and then as an artist. As a designer, I decide how to visually communicate the intention of the site and then, as an artist, I determine the palette, select the materials, and create the artwork. I’m sure the designer and the artist within are much more entwined, but it does feel like I have two distinct roles that I bring to each project.”

She was searching the internet for glass tiles for a school mural she was working on.

“I loved the name Modwalls. I love their consistent product lines. They’re reliable, professional, and I love their fast delivery.”

Hwy 101 Water Column

Hwy 101 Water Column

When asked about her thoughts on color, her response was enthusiastic.

“I am all about the color! The brighter the better! Color is one of the things I appreciate most about ceramic and glass; the material won’t fade over time, and the intensity of color will look just as good as the day I install.

Beniston had been focusing on ceramic work for galleries and became interested in handmade tile.

Solana Beach Library

Solana Beach Library

“For one of my first large public murals, I had intended to make all of the tile myself, but I was required to incorporate commercial tile that was part of an existing donor wall. I quickly saw the advantages of exploring other materials beyond what I was capable of making! So I began incorporating commercially-made ceramic and glass tile in my background fill areas and putting my emphasis on my hand-built relief tiles.”

Glendale Adventist Hospital

Glendale Adventist Hospital

The work above used Modwalls’ tiles. You can see more of Beniston’s creations on her website, and don’t forget to check us out for your own home project!

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