Kylin O’Brien: Living Well with Color

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Artist and Healer Kylin O'Brien

Kylin O’Brien

Kylin O’Brien is an artist and a healer who LOVES color. As a healer, Kylin specialized in Reiki, Feng Shui  and Detoxification. At Modwalls, we love color, design and living well, so couldn’t wait to talk with her about how color can affect and transform people’s lives.

“As most of us know, each color has its own frequency at which it (light) moves through space,” states Kylin. “As such, humans are impacted by, or feel, each of the colors differently. They are incredibly powerful. I work with color as an artist obviously, but also in my Reiki practice, and certainly when implementing Feng Shui.”


Feng Shui is an ancient art and science that developed in China over 3000 years ago. It is a way to create space in your home that reflects your aspirations and vision for who you are and where you want to go. Kylin uses a variety of tools for generating a greater sense of well-being.

“Feng Shui positively affects your sense of control and self-esteem – how well you work, how you approach work, and how well you rest. It can also improve health, clarity of mind and communication. In Feng Shui, color is one of the main tools we use to create harmony and inspiration.”

Kylin Before

Before Feng Shui with Kylin


When working with a client or a designer, Kylin’s approach is simple: listen, collaborate and then use great materials to create the effect you desire.

“Depending on the way you want a room to feel (soothing, inspiring, romantic, contemplative),” continues Kylin, “you can use different materials to elicit the tone. How smooth or luxurious or clean a table, counter top or desk should feel, totally depends on each room’s purpose and the individual’s needs. There are rules, but within those rules, what is important is very personal.”

Kylin after

After Feng Shui with Kylin


Most of Kylin’s work as a visual artist is concerned with contemporizing ancient and enduring themes. She is able to take broad strokes and make them specific and personal, so that the individual is reflected in the collective experience.


“Tantra Study” by Kylin O’Brien

“I am interested in the human condition, our consistent priorities, and what brings us fulfillment.”

Her holistic wellness practice is concerned with the same issues. She explores what creates health and happiness, and how to maintain a sense of wellness – regardless of the circumstances.

“What is that elusive well-being?” She asks. “It is my calling to help unpack that question and reveal the subtlety of what works.”


“There is no escaping color.” Kylin emphasizes. “Color is a tool, and a powerful one at that. To live well with color, all we need to do is become mindful of it, learn about it and harness its power to make it work for us.”

To see how color can transform your life, visit  All Modwalls’ clients and friends receive a 15% discount off her services if booked before April 1st, 2015. Just use the code: MODWALLS.

Kylin has studied Herbal Medicine, Detoxification, Eastern and Western Philosophy, Meditation, Visualization, Reiki, Divination, Feng Shui and Art. She holds a degree in Philosophy from Vassar College and Tibetan Studies from the School for International Training, in addition to a degree in Contemporary Creative Practice from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK and has completed a full Transformation Advance with Neil Crofts.

How does color affect your life? Have you made a change in a room with paint or tiles or with your own personal style that involves color? We’d love to hear all about it!

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