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Jessica and Amanda Salles of Salles Interiors are a design team based in Manhattan that are known to bring more to interiorsThe Salles Sisters than style, expertise and vision. Their relationship offers clients a unique experience that translates into interiors that deeply reflect the lives and tastes of the people living there.

“The work we do designing homes is very intimate. As sisters, we share a sense of humor and have a very natural, easy and real way to talk to each other. This translates to our clients in design meetings because they understand how we come to decisions.”

This transparency keeps their clients happy and worry-free. They know that their home remodel or renovation is more than just a job.

“Our clients often feel like family to us. Jess and I will often call each other in the evening thinking about a detail of a project. It’s great to have such a fantastic work partner who you also happen to love!”


This passion has served them well in a competitive Manhattan market, where time and space are at a premium.

Salles Interiors

“Our job entails listening to our clients so we listen carefully. We are solution-oriented. When space is so valuable, it’s a real ‘wow’ factor to have a bed that opens up to a storage place, or a wall unit with a bar that, by day, stores games and musical instruments and, by night, becomes a subtly lit ‘grown-up’ piece, with a hidden glass pull-out cocktail bar.”

Where space may not be such an issue, such as in Connecticut or Westchester, other client concerns may come into play, such as creating an elegant home that has kid-proof durability.

“Part of our philosophy includes sharing with our clients new products that allow a person to change the way she dreams about a space, like the amazing advances in stain-treated fabrics that allow a client to have that cream sofa she dreams about – even with those 3 year old twins!”


Since trends change, families grow, life’s demands and circumstances evolve, Salles Interiors approach is specific, fluid and personal.

Salles Interior Living Room

“We like to ask our clients to think about the way they really live. Really live – and delete the word ‘should’. Are you getting a table that seats 20 because you think you should have it for the one holiday you host the family each year?  You really don’t like to cook and you don’t enjoy formal dinner parties, Hmm…Maybe that room could be the yoga studio you always dreamed of, and you rent a table and chairs once a year for that holiday dinner! FREEDOM!! Jess and I think it’s part of our job to open up these kinds of discussions, as they relate to using the space in a smart, beautiful and fulfilling way.”


Amanda was doing a renovation of her own kitchen in Manhattan and since the kitchen opens to the living room, she wanted it to avoid elements that would give it a cold and clinical feel. In looking for tiles, she found Modwalls.

“We looked at a LOT of tile before choosing Modwalls’. We love that you can feel the hand-made aspect to it. It has just the Modwalls' Charcoal Tileright amount of texture – smooth enough to read clean and modern, and textured enough to look classic. We also love the depth of the glaze color. For my space, we wanted a deep grey and all the other tiles we looked at read as a cool grey that rendered the space as very flat and dead. Modwalls’ Carbon 2×8 American made ceramic tile has warm earthy-clay feeling to it.  It’s absolutely beautiful.”

Jessica and Amanda believe that great product and great design come from great relationships.

“I appreciate customer service a lot. I was surprised to call Modwalls after my first order and be remembered! I got a sense that the person on the other end of the phone actually cared a great deal about the product. They were not just taking my order and slapping a shipping label on it. We also (can I say this?) really love dealing with women owned businesses!”

To contact Salles Interiors, email or call 646-398-9963.

Have a design question or Modwalls’ story? Let us know!

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