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Color as Abundance and Opportunity

Artist Dove Drury

Artist Dove Drury

“If I am truly living my color, I am viewing my life as an abundant opportunity and wishing to share that with the world.”

Artist Dove Drury is a painter, muralist and ceramicist who speaks about color metaphorically, passionately, and personally.

“Color has spiritual and emotional resonations. I wear a lot of strong colors and vibrant patterns – which I feel is a way of really living and interacting with color. The celebration of color is the celebration of my life. Color really means for me a connection to higher forces and to the universe and to God and to flowers and the natural and mystical and ferocious world around us. I have a tendency toward bright colors, and have a joyful connection to red, yellow and blue.”

Modwalls Ceramic Clayhaus Tile

Modwalls Ceramic Clayhaus Tile

Drury describes his ceramics as a “way of making colors stand up.” His says his aesthetic tends towards assemblage, found objects, bric-a-brac, and sentimentality. They are “disregarded things – torn and rough around the edges – that one cannot throw away, coming from a place of love, and caring and repair.”


His current ceramic work was born from an unexpected and displeasing discovery. He opened his kiln and found that the object he had fired had broken into many bits. Not wanting to throw the pieces away, he mused on their hidden potential or “potential in any form.”Dove Ceramic Jewelry2

“I had experiences in my prior kiln firings where pieces would accidentally touch and fuse together. I thought about the connection of assemblage and utilizing this process for my benefit to create new objects, with a kind of found composition and spontaneous form.”


Drury comes from a creative family. His mother is a dancer and a painter and he describes his painting process akin to dance. Some of the murals he has painted were done by hanging off a ladder and jumping across the walls. “I would fill a broom up with paint and then smack it against the wall to create a dynamic energy and spontaneous mark.”

He describes his creative process both internally and externally. “One has to practice the routes of inner attunement so as to really listen. I go on long walks for hours winding through the city.”


In contrast to the internal world of urban wanderings is the focused and diligent hours of solitary studio sessions which focuses his creative process. “I’ll sit in my studio and tinker with my tools and toys. It’s a routine that creates an energy that embodies a pathway of working – getting your gears rolling and being in that fluid space, and it’s not always possible or predictable when it happens, but at least it’s good to set up the conditions so as to stimulate those situations.”

88 Prince Street Mural

His murals have been commissioned by private clients for their homes and Drury brings a keen sensitivity to place and function. “When I’m working on a commission, I pay attention to the aesthetic and intention of their space – so maybe a huge, red, energetic flower wouldn’t be that soothing in your meditation nook. Creating a certain emotional tone or atmospheric quality that compliments or mindfully contradicts and cohesively heightens the space is key.”


The word love is often expressed by Drury when he talks about his work, materials, process and community.

“I have this love affair with nearly everything – or nearly everything with a certain vibration. I like to collect things that are joyful. I love things that I can pick up and touch, and remember my family and my friends and the life we are building together.”

He adds, “I would say to live one’s color is to live one’s life with acute and compassionate honesty. If I am truly living my color, I am viewing my life as an abundant opportunity, and wishing to share that with the world.”

To contact Dove Drury, please email and see more work and information at

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Yumi and Hatano Studio: The Yoga of Color and Design

Yumi Kagamihara, Design and Yoga

Yumi kagamihara

Yumi Kagamihara is a designer and yoga practitioner who integrates color, design with intention, artistry and focus. At Modwalls, we believe that color and form merges well with function in an aspirational approach to living, so we were excited to talk with her about her approach to design and living well with color.

How did you come to Interior Design? 

I started my career in the financial industry as a programmer back in Japan.  In 1997, I moved to the United States and, after finishing graduate school in Texas, I worked in NYC as a business analyst/project manager for financial firms. While in NYC, my husband and I were thinking of relocating or finding a vacation home.  So we purchased a new construction home in Tampa FL.  We were allowed to choose different materials, paint colors and so on. That fascinated me.  Even though I was working in the finance and technology area, I had always been very interested in the arts. The first class my parents took me to was a drawing class. I loved coloring and creating ‘crafty’ things. As a child, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered “designer”. Back then I did not know what type of designer, of course!

Hatano Studio

Hatano Studio Design

After more than 10 years in the financial industry I was considering a career change and possibly owning my own business – even though I still enjoyed my career in finance and technology.  I researched and decided to enter New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) while still working full time. I took one class first to see if I would like it. Then slowly I took more classes to see if I could complete all the design projects.  Most of the NYSID faculty members owned architecture or interior design firms. Before graduating, I received a job offer from my teacher who is principal of the architecture firm, JGArchitect.  That was it!  My design career started.  After relocating to Kirkland WA, I started my own firm, Hatano Studio, LLC in 2009.

How did you come to yoga and why did you want to teach it as well as practice it?

I actually started yoga not so long ago in 2009.  I would have never thought I would do yoga because I was not born flexible!  After over 2 years of practice, I took the teacher training program to gain knowledge about yoga including history, philosophy and anatomical aspects of postures.  I decided to teach as a continuation of my learning process.

Hatano Studio Design

Since yoga means union, how do you bring that to your yoga practice and your design work?  

In yoga practice, we always try to feel or direct prana (life force).  I like the openness and flow happening in my mind and body when I practice.

The same for interior design: I want the space to flow, not to be forced.  When the space is right, I think we can be healthier, think clearer, and be happier.

As a yoga teacher, I prepare the sequence of moves or postures for class.  I want this sequence to be challenging, interesting, and beautiful. Ultimately I want students to feel good in their body and mind.  Unnecessary things may need to be removed.  Simplifying may increase their end results more.  This similar process happens during my design process.

Are there other elements of yoga philosophy that you apply to design?

One of my favorite methods/ideas in Yoga Sutra by Patanjali (one of the foundational texts of yoga) is “Kriya Yoga”.  It consists of three words: self-discipline or passion, self-study, and surrender.  You apply self-study, discover your own traits, boundaries, or areas where actions are needed.  You need desire and discipline to practice or change things. You try your best but are not attached to the outcome, simply letting go or surrendering.   It is not only in design, but I try to apply this throughout my life,

You wear some pretty colorful and stylish yoga gear. How important is color in your life?yumi Yoga 2

I enjoy coordinating colors in my yoga wear.  Depending on my mood, I pick different colors every day.

The combination of colors creates different synergy. That makes me happy!

The good thing is that clothes are not permanent so you can be as bold as you want to.  On the other hand, tile colors are difficult to change daily. ;)

How do you use color in your design?  

Colors are very personal and impacted by the environment, especially the sun.   I like many different colors.  Some clients will give me a strong vibe for a certain color or color scheme.  I will explore that.

 I like color to be united and each one has a role to play in the whole.

Hatano Studio Design

Hatano Studio Design

If someone is new to yoga, or wanting to start a new renovation, what advice can you offer them?

Find a good guide!  Having a great yoga teacher who is knowledgeable of the philosophy, tradition, anatomy and postures can enhance your whole experience. It takes time and patience to identify the teacher, but it is critical if you really want to deepen your practice.

The same goes for renovation. Finding a good guide, interior designer or architect will elevate the quality of your finished product.  They can provide an analytical explanation and technical guidance to achieve your goal – favorite space.

Like Hatano Studio or check out more Hatano Studio at Houzz. You can follow Yumi’s yoga (and what to wear!) on Instagram or her Facebook page.

Modwalls wants to know about your passions and how they involve color and design so let us know!

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Kylin O’Brien: Living Well with Color

Artist and Healer Kylin O'Brien

Kylin O’Brien

Kylin O’Brien is an artist and a healer who LOVES color. As a healer, Kylin specialized in Reiki, Feng Shui  and Detoxification. At Modwalls, we love color, design and living well, so couldn’t wait to talk with her about how color can affect and transform people’s lives.

“As most of us know, each color has its own frequency at which it (light) moves through space,” states Kylin. “As such, humans are impacted by, or feel, each of the colors differently. They are incredibly powerful. I work with color as an artist obviously, but also in my Reiki practice, and certainly when implementing Feng Shui.”


Feng Shui is an ancient art and science that developed in China over 3000 years ago. It is a way to create space in your home that reflects your aspirations and vision for who you are and where you want to go. Kylin uses a variety of tools for generating a greater sense of well-being.

“Feng Shui positively affects your sense of control and self-esteem – how well you work, how you approach work, and how well you rest. It can also improve health, clarity of mind and communication. In Feng Shui, color is one of the main tools we use to create harmony and inspiration.”

Kylin Before

Before Feng Shui with Kylin


When working with a client or a designer, Kylin’s approach is simple: listen, collaborate and then use great materials to create the effect you desire.

“Depending on the way you want a room to feel (soothing, inspiring, romantic, contemplative),” continues Kylin, “you can use different materials to elicit the tone. How smooth or luxurious or clean a table, counter top or desk should feel, totally depends on each room’s purpose and the individual’s needs. There are rules, but within those rules, what is important is very personal.”

Kylin after

After Feng Shui with Kylin


Most of Kylin’s work as a visual artist is concerned with contemporizing ancient and enduring themes. She is able to take broad strokes and make them specific and personal, so that the individual is reflected in the collective experience.


“Tantra Study” by Kylin O’Brien

“I am interested in the human condition, our consistent priorities, and what brings us fulfillment.”

Her holistic wellness practice is concerned with the same issues. She explores what creates health and happiness, and how to maintain a sense of wellness – regardless of the circumstances.

“What is that elusive well-being?” She asks. “It is my calling to help unpack that question and reveal the subtlety of what works.”


“There is no escaping color.” Kylin emphasizes. “Color is a tool, and a powerful one at that. To live well with color, all we need to do is become mindful of it, learn about it and harness its power to make it work for us.”

To see how color can transform your life, visit  All Modwalls’ clients and friends receive a 15% discount off her services if booked before April 1st, 2015. Just use the code: MODWALLS.

Kylin has studied Herbal Medicine, Detoxification, Eastern and Western Philosophy, Meditation, Visualization, Reiki, Divination, Feng Shui and Art. She holds a degree in Philosophy from Vassar College and Tibetan Studies from the School for International Training, in addition to a degree in Contemporary Creative Practice from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK and has completed a full Transformation Advance with Neil Crofts.

How does color affect your life? Have you made a change in a room with paint or tiles or with your own personal style that involves color? We’d love to hear all about it!

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AlliJay Interiors Uses Modwalls Tile in Stunning Modern Homes

4 #modwallstile rooms created by the talented duo @allijayinteriors.
#lushglasstile #briotile #kitchen #backsplash #bathroomtile #buytileonline #glassmosaics #glasssubwaytile #colortile

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Introducing American Made Textured Glass Subway Tile CRAVE


Introducing American Made Textured Glass Subway Tile CRAVE

Modwalls_Crave Oasis Glossy_Alt 1

CRAVE – color Oasis

Modwalls_Crave Colors

Modwalls© all NEW American Made Texture Glass Subway Tile is CRAVE.

Available in 7 stunning colors, this CRAVE Collection features 3″x8″ glass subway tile with a glamorously textured surface.  Ideal for any wall application including kitchen backsplash tile, bathroom tile, fireplace tile, feature wall tile, and pool tile.  CRAVE tiles can be in stalled in a stacked or offset pattern.  Would be dynamic as a solid tile installation or feel free to mix and match with other CRAVE colors.

Contact us at for samples.

Modwalls® invites you to discover our own brands of colorful modern tile and experience delightful customer service. Buy online or call us toll free at 877-439-9734. 

We look forward to doing business with you!

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Making a real SPLASH!!! Kitchen Before & After via

Great article by featuring our very own Clayhaus for modwalls® 2″x 8″ Splash Subway Tile.  See the amazing transformation below or view the original article here.

Kitchen Before & After:  A 1970s Kitchen Gets aJaw Dropping Overhaul


When we saw photos of Kitchn reader Sarah Galender Meyer’s Bay Area kitchen renovation, we were stunned! This small, dark 1970s kitchen (“horrid,” as Sarah said) underwent a complete gut remodel, which included knocking down a wall between the kitchen and dining room and adding French doors to bring in more light. See what the kitchen looks like now:


We love it! So pretty. Here’s what Sarah says about the renovation:

We did a gut remodel of a horrid 70’s small and dark kitchen in our 1906 house. We knocked down the wall between the kitchen and dining room. All new everything including enlarging the windows and adding french doors to the dining room to bring more light in. We also gutted the attached pantry that served many purposes – back door entry, bathroom, laundry room, and pantry storage.

We did a significant amount of structural work to remove the wall between the dining room and kitchen, which involved an engineer, and we gutted the attached pantry that included a small bathroom.
Cabinets – Executive Cabinetry (semi-custom)
Countertop – Cambria (white), and Walnut for the peninsula
Appliances – Kitchenaid
Pendants – Schoolhouse Electric
Sink – Kohler
Faucet – Hansgrohe

I really love everything about the new kitchen. The tile, the wood countertop, the sink, the faucet, and the built-ins might be my favorites, though. Also, I love the French doors that went in on the dining room side. It really opened up the space and let in so much more light.


Thanks so much for sharing, Sarah!

(Image credits: Sarah Galender Meyer)

Modwalls is “Making Tile Modern” with fresh and colorful collections inspired by mid century architecture and design.

If interested, please check out our online tile showroom at We stock in Northern California and ship throughout North America. Samples available.  Discounts to the trade. 

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“A (Back) Splash of Bright Color” – Modwalls in Cooking Light Magazine

We absolutely LOVE it when our tiles get published!!  It’s truly an honor that we cherish very much here at modwalls and being featured in Cooking Light‘s October 2013 issue is no exception.

We are so proud that our American made, Clayhaus for modwalls ceramic tile collection has inspired people across the Country to create their own backsplash blends using any of our 24 colors.  The collection first started with the seven colors shown beautifully in this Cooking Light article.  When the line was first developed, our Co-Founder and Creative Director, Rebecca Lonergan’s goal was to expand on modwalls’ product line with a modern, fun, always colorful, handmade, and domestically made ceramic tile product.  Collaborating with Clayhaus Ceramics was the perfect partnership to make it all happen!

“I wanted to add an American made ceramic collection to our product line-up.  When the folks at Clayhaus contacted us about a collaboration it was a great fit!  Our Mid-Century aesthetics matched perfectly and they allowed us to create exclusive glaze colors to meet the needs of our existing customer base. We are their only stocking distributor and we have a growing number of colors in 2×8 and now stretched hex tiles in stock for immediate delivery.  The sales and press that this collection has received is testament to how well our collaboration is working.”

Cooking Light Cover

Cooking LightCooking Light 001

Cooking Light 002

Tile featured in this article:

Clayhaus for modwalls 2″x 8″ Ceramic Subway Tile in Milk, Cookie, Brine, Zest, Wheatgrass, Splash, and Licorice Matte.

Shop other American Made tile here.

Modwalls is “Making Tile Modern” with fresh and colorful collections inspired by mid century architecture and design.

If interested, please check out our online tile showroom at We stock in Northern California and ship throughout North America. Samples available.  Discounts to the trade. 

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